Our Corgis

American Kennel Club 

Pembroke Welsh Corgis


We are thrilled to introduce Groot, our European male with all the personality. He keeps us laughing with his hilarious personality.  He comes from award winning show parents and is not only perfect in confirmation and  temperament but also shows us constant love and attention. He is AKC registered.


Parker is our handsome AKC registered, purebred Pembroke Welsh Corgi male. He is a Bluie-Tri whose looks are only rivaled by his sweet disposition. We couldn't ask for a more charming "man of the house". 


Sasha is a beautiful European girl who is simply stunning. She might be the Corgi-est of all of our Corgi's.


European born, Tatianna "Tati" is a red and white AKC registered purebred Pembroke Welsh Corgi. She is truly the ideal representation of the Pembroke Corgi from her little fox face to her fluffy bum. 


Wanda is the smallest of our girls at only 20 pounds. She is quick, smart and always happy. She is AKC registered purebred.


Echo is one special lady. She loves to hike, travel and love on her humans. A more loving and kind Corgi never walked this earth. She is AKC European Pembroke Welsh Corgi with a heart of gold. 


Rogue is a fun, sweet, playful purebred AKC registered Pembroke. Can't you just get lost in those big brown eyes!!

PacNW Corgis is gettin' FLUFFY

Starting spring of 2021, we will have fluffy's available. Pictured above, we have Auggie and Vanellope Von Schweetz (Va-Va). The fluffiness is overwhelming! Fluffy's will be sold for $3000.

Continental Kennel Club 

Pembroke Welsh Corgis


Amber is a CKC registered Pembroke Welsh Corgi with a touch of Cardigan. Her coloring is Red Merle and she dazzles with her stunning blue eyes. She is both sweet and spunky and loves nothing more than playing fetch followed by a good snuggle.

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Skye is a beautiful, CKC registered Blue Merle Pembroke with a touch of Cardigan for that beautiful blue merle coloring. She is kind, loving, and unbelievably athletic. She doesn't let her vertical challenges slow her down, this lady can get air.